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Continuous Handrails: Have a Bespoke Design In Line with UK Regulations

By 5th November 2020No Comments

Bespoke continuous handrails can transform your balustrades. With a touch of modern or traditional design, the staircase is poorer when thought has not gone into the stair handrail.

At GP Sheet Metals we understand the importance of getting the design right before anything else. That is why we offer free quotes and a professional consultation before the manufacture and installation of our continuous handrails are begun.

It is also important to follow UK building regulations when designing handrails. With over 30 years of experience, our team knows exactly how to design continuous handrails to look good and follow the regulations.

What Are Continuous Handrails?

Most people won’t give much thought to stair handrails until they come to renovating their home or business. You use them every day in your home and workplaces as you climb the staircase, your hand atop the balustrade.

Balustrades seem purely decorative and the handrail a simple tool. The truth is there are a series of UK building regulations that must be followed. But following the rules does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

Know the Regulations

As designers, it is our job to know the regulations before helping our clients create stunning continuous handrails. However, it is useful for the client to know the basics before thinking creatively. Here is a quick list of basic regulations for stair handrails:

  • The top handrail on a stairway has to be 1000mm above the walkway
  • A middle or lower guardrail should be 600mm above the stairs
  • A continuous handrail on stairs and landings is a necessity and should begin 300mm before the first riser and 300mm past the top riser
  • When fixed to a solid wall, the continuous handrail should be fixed 50 to 70mm off the wall

There are more regulations but those above are the most necessary to understand before beginning the design process of your bespoke stair handrails.

Bespoke Design or Safety?

How about both? Our experienced and professional team can make your continuous handrails both stunningly stylish and safe for use. For example, a traditional volute to the end of your stair handrail adds a touch of classic design and also add that extra support for the balustrade.

There are many options, from glass balustrades to steel stair handrails.

At GP Sheet Metals we offer professional consultations and free quotes so call us at 01484 661 898 to book an appointment or use our online contact form.